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December Storm Brought Reality of Rising Sea Levels

Over the last several years, EWPA has engaged in a number discussions of potential flooding scenarios in our area.  On December 23, 2022, we got a full-blown demonstration. 

The Fox Point Hurricane Barrier was closed when the water level there peaked at 9.2 feet at 8 a.m. thanks to a 3.79-foot storm surge.  It was the ninth-highest level ever recorded at the Fox Point gauge and the highest since Hurricane Bob in 1991.

The photos below demonstrate the flooding’s local impact.

STEM Kids Get High-Profile Visit to Stillhouse Cove

On July 15, 2022, twenty Mystic Aquarium STEM Advantage campers from Cranston public schools (grades three to six) eagerly explored the water, shoreline and grass area at Stillhouse Cove. They proudly showed their friends the large clumps of seaweed and silversides, clams, and crabs they found. 

Caitlyn Blankenship, statewide coordinator for STEM Advantage RI, said the campers visited Stillhouse Cove to learn how to be environmental stewards while advancing their knowledge on aquatic research. Campers took water samples to test the Cove’s Ph levels, oxygen and turbidity. 

The campers were too engrossed in their activities to pay much attention to their high- profile visitors including Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and Cranston City council members Lammis Vargas, Jessica Marino and John Donegan. Also present were representatives from the United Way, the YMCA, the Rhode Island Foundation, and the Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association (EWPA). 

See the Cranston Herald article below for full details.


From left: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Cranston Mayor Kenneth Hopkins, Cranston City Council member Jessica Marino, Council member John Donegan, Council member Lammis Vargas, RI Stem Advantage Coordinator Caitlyn Blankenship, and Christy Clausen of the YMCA.
From left President and CEO of United Way of Rhode Island Courtney Nicolato, Marlene Guay of United Way, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Cranston Mayor Kenneth Hopkins, Cranston City Council member Jessica Marino, and Council member John Donegan.

Press Coverage of the End of the Line Unveiling

On December 7, 2022, more than two years of work by EWPA and a team composed of a filmmaker, an artist, and a mason culminated in the unveiling of the “End of the Line” trolley sculpture and historic marker.



In the most recently released episode of The Culpo Sisters, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and her two sisters come home to their parents’ Edgewood home.  It appears to have been filmed early in the Spring of 2022. During the episode, the youngest sister Sophie Culpo and their mother Susan walk down to Stillhouse Cove and observe that the swans must be about to lay their eggs (followed by a shot of Canada Geese in Pawtuxet Cove).  They then sit on one of the park benches and engage in a deep conversation about the perils of fame.  The full episode can be viewed here: (

Perhaps the production company might think about making a contribution to the EWPA which installed the bench and maintains the Park.

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