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Photos from the 2021 Annual Clean Up

About and Contact Us


About EWPA

The Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association (EWPA) was founded in 1996 to revive a neglected 5.5- acre waterfront park, fronting the historically significant Stillhouse Cove adjoining Narragansett Bay in Cranston, Rhode Island. Originally designated as a park in 1915 by the Metropolitan Park Commission, it remained in the possession of the State of Rhode Island (Department of Environmental Management) until 1984 when it was deeded to the City of Cranston as a conservation area for passive recreation.   

For many decades this property was neglected and abused. When Narragansett Boulevard was created and again during the installation of public sewers in the City, construction materials were dumped along the public shoreline.  In the 1940s and 1950s it was used as a turnaround for electric buses.  After the February 1978 Blizzard it was a dumping ground for polluted snow. During the 1970s and 1980s the Park was overrun with invasive weeds and trash; and the public had lost its access to the shoreline. The adjoining salt marsh had accreted so much sediment carried by storm water that few native species could survive.  The waterfront was colonized by Phragmite Australis and Japanese Knotweed, tall invasive plants that proliferated in the marsh and along the shoreline.

Over the last 26 years, under the stewardship of EWPA, Stillhouse Cove has undergone tremendous environmental restoration.  Water entering the Cove is now filtered through a storm water infiltration area or re-directed toward Vortechnic units located in the southern end of the park that filter sediment out of runoff.   EWPA volunteers regularly clean the shoreline and hold annual maintenance activities in the salt marsh.  After years of treating invasive vegetation, native flora and fauna are re-establishing. The Park has been preserved through the vigilant curbing of shoreline erosion, the planting of native grasses and bushes, the management of trees, and the introduction of native perennial flowers to provide visual interest and color. 

The Park has become the focal point of the entire Edgewood neighborhood.  Twelve months a year it hosts joggers and walkers, bench sitters, bird watchers, kayakers and picnickers, outdoor yoga participants, football throwers, painters and photographers. It is the meeting place for dog walkers who are provided with EWPA-supplied waste bags.  Wedding parties and school graduates come to pose by the water. The Park regularly hosts school kids doing science projects on the shoreline.

The EWPA’s goals for 2023 and beyond are to maintain these advancements for the enjoyment of all of our neighbors and visitors.   The EWPA is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization governed entirely by volunteers.  Although EWPA receives some in-kind assistance from the City of Cranston, most of the work maintaining the park has been carried out by volunteers with some paid labor supported entirely by donations from the community or small grants for specific purposes.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Barbara RubineJoined 1984, President 2007
Colin MurphyJoined 2018, Vice President 2021
Doug SheminJoined 2021, Co-Treasurer, 2021
Greta FrancisJoined 2022, Co-Treasurer, 2022
Tom LadueJoined 2022, Secretary, 2023
Richard FinlayJoined 2010
Piedade LemosJoined 2021
Caitlyn BlankenshipJoined 2021
Donna FieldmanJoined 2022
Rita LavoieJoined 2022
Melissa CardenJoined 2022
David GoldenbergJoined 2023

Alice BarrowsEmeritus 2014
Chet BarrowsEmeritus 2014
Joe FilipponeEmeritus 2016* 
Peter FritzEmeritus 2017
Mark GarrisonEmeritus 2018
Andy GellEmeritus 2018
Mike SchlesingerEmeritus 2020
Trent Batson Emeritus 2021
Susan Hartman Emeritus 2021
Joe Cooney Emeritus 2022
Lynne McCormack Emeritus 2022

Contact Us

2019 International Coastal Cleanup – Saturday, 21 September, 2019

We will be partnering with Save the Bay for International Coastal Cleanup day on Saturday, 21 September, 2019 from 0830 AM to 1030 AM. Hope to see you at Stillhouse Cove!

EWPA Annual Meeting – October 29, 2018, 630 – 730PM – William Hall Library

Ewpa Annual Mtg Notice, 2018-2

Meet and Greet Invitation Enclosed for New Neighbors – Sunday September 30 from 2 – 4PM

EWPA Meet and Greet Invite

SAVE THE DATE – International Coastal Cleanup – 20 October, 2018. Saturday Morning from 10 – 12.

We will be partnering with Save the Bay for International Coastal Cleanup day on 20 October, 2018, Saturday morning from 10 – 12.

Save the Date. Stillhouse Cove Annual Cleanup – April 28, 10 AM – Noon

Once again we will be doing ditch work, trash removal, invasive weed removal, garden work with the Edgewood Garden Club, and maintenance activities that include storm drain clearing, and sidewalk sweeping after the winter sanding and salting.

 All ages are welcome with parental supervision for young children.  All supplies will be provided including water, gloves, trash bags, bug spray, sunscreen, and tools.  Please wear appropriate foot wear – no flip-flops.

Parking is not allowed along Narragansett Boulevard but is permitted on side streets.

Notices from EWPA

Notices from the Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association
1. Gaspee Days License Plate: The signing of the Gaspee Days License Plate legislation that passed last session.  The Honorable Governor Gina Raimondo will be signing the Gaspee Days License Plate legislation into law this Monday, November 20th at 12:45 p.m., at the Aspray Boathouse, 2 E View Street, Warwick, RI 02888.  This historic event is a milestone for our community and your presence would enhance this memorable occasion.
2. Proposed Cumberland Farms on the corners of Warwick Avenue and Park Avenue:
There will be a public comment session at on Tuesday, December 5th at 7:00 P.M. at Cranston City Hall on amending the comprehensive plan to allow the two residential lots at 135 Warwick Avenue and 161 Park Avenue to operate a neighborhood business out of them.

Stillhouse Cove Stormwater BMP Project – Plans with drawings

Stillhouse Cove Stormwater BMP Project

Stormwater BMP Planning for Stillhouse Cove – See attached document


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