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Some of What We Did in 2021 with Your Help

Your support helps us to protect and conserve Stillhouse Cove Salt Marsh and Park, our local environmental treasure.

Each year we raise $10,000 to maintain, and improve Stillhouse Cove Salt Marsh and Park to keep it a sustainable, clean, beautiful, and safe waterfront.
Please give today.

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Selected plants including “bee and polinator” friendly plants like this unique variety of hydrangia.

Protected the marsh and conservation area at Stillhouse by treating and removing invasive weeds and seedlings.

Improved gardens and the rotary with native plants and grasses that withstand drought and attract bees.

Maintained gardens with new plants and moving others to better locations.

Hosted two successful clean-ups that removed trash from around the cove.

Installed new “coir logs”to protect the salt marsh and park from erosion and storm damage. These “logs” were installed at the base of the slope in the salt march to help the cove stay stable and healthy.

Please help to conserve Stillhouse Cove Salt Marsh and Park with your donation today.

October 26, 2021
We have new “coir logs”! Thanks to Ray and Wenley!

Coir logs perform an important function in the cove. Made to control erosion and protect the cove in the event of a significant storm, these “logs” help the cove stay stable and healthy. 

And Ray and Wenley? Ray Mooney and Wenley Ferguson have been supporters of the EWPA for many years, adding expertise and helping out in many ways and lately heling in acquiring and installing coir logs in the cove. 

This spring Ray saw logs posted on a social media site for a price substantially below what we have spent for similar items in the past. Given the Covid-19 situation and the difficulty of transporting them to Rhode Island, we passed on these items this spring.  However, Ray noticed last week that they were still available. He drove to New Hampshire with his trailer and brought 15 logs back.  

Wenley is lending her expertise in how these should be installed to gain the greatest benefit from them. She will advise the landscaping company that will be installing them. 

The work of EWPA couldn’t happen without the assistance of such important friends of EWPA and we thank them for their generous and important efforts. 

Thanks Ray and Wenley!! 

October 2nd: Thwarting the pernicious pear (and other invasive growth).

On Saturday, October 2, 2021 Board Members from the EWPA worked in the early morning sun to remove invasive growth from the cove. This removal, done once per year, allows the naturally occurring growth room to thrive. The removal included a surprising number of young “pear” trees, that, according to understanding, are a variety that never actually produce pears!!

Board Members Lynn, Richard and Joe deep in the marsh removing invasive growth
Board President Barbara applying solution to invasive to inhibit regrowth.
Board Members Lynn and Joe removing invasive growth from the cove.

Stem Learning at Stillhouse Cove


Read this story using the link below

Summer and science?

It might not be the combination most students have in mind when the school year ends. But for students in the STEM Advantage program, the two went hand-in-hand over the past several weeks.

“You’ve got to be precise with what you do. You’ve got to double check everything, triple check, test things out … One thing about learning is that you just have to do trial and error,” Andy Wu, an incoming 10th-grader at Cranston High School East, said while demonstrating a series of circuit experiments last week at Park View Middle School…

Read about this on Cranston Herald Online,164328

The “End of the Line”

EWPA is helping support this local project. Donating on this page supports this art project. If you would like to donate to support the work of EWPA please visit

Help Us Memorialize Edgewood’s Trolley Roots

Edgewood is a “streetcar suburb” shaped by the Broad Street & Eddy Street – Edgewood lines.  After the tracks were removed from Narragansett Boulevard in 2017, a sculpture was created from retrieved pieces. We are now seeking contributions to meet the cost of landscaping and placing the sculpture at the corner and Sefton Drive and Narragansett Boulevard – the former “end of the line”.  A historic marker next to sculpture will explain how trolleys shaped our neighborhood and will provide a link to more information and a film.

Please send your tax-deductible contributions to EWPA (Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association) 1438 Narragansett Blvd. Cranston RI 02905 and mark checks “trolley memorial” or select the link below

Sculpture Memorializing the Edgewood Trolley Line

Volunteer with Us

EWPA is an all volunteer organization. Come join us.


A Chance to Help Preserve Stillhouse Cove. Apply to be a Volunteer.

Stillhouse Cove, thanks to the Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association (EWPA), leads Rhode Island as an example of smart shoreline adaptation and resilience.  Stillhouse Cove is also a beautiful gathering spot in Pawtuxet Village, maintained by the EWPA with volunteer help.

We are looking for a few new volunteers to add to our ongoing volunteer base.  We will also invite a limited number of volunteers to join the Board of Directors of the EWPA, a non-profit. 

The EWPA works with Save the Bay on both cleanups and adaptation of the shoreline to rising sea levels. We coordinate with the Pawtuxet Village Association for work on Pawtuxet Park.  As climate change continues to affect every community, the work of the EWPA takes on additional importance.  We have a history of working with students at the K-12 and college levels and will continue doing so, in some cases as part of grant projects.  

Being a volunteer with the EWPA is a way to not only help maintain Stillhouse Cove, but to get involved in environmental advocacy in Rhode Island.

We ask that you respond to a few questions in your application to become a volunteer.  We are proud of the work that the EWPA has done over the decades and look for the good work to continue.


Photos from the 2021 Annual Clean Up

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Barbara RubineJoined 1984, President 2007
Colin MurphyJoined 2018, Vice President 2021
Doug SheminJoined 2021, Treasurer, 2021
Joe CooneyJoined 2021, Secretary
Richard FinlayJoined 2010
Susan HartmanJoined 2018
Lynne McCormackJoined 2021
Trent BatsonJoined 2021
Piedade LemosJoined 2021

Alice BarrowsEmeritus as of March, 2014
Chet BarrowsEmeritus as of March, 2014
Joe FilipponeEmeritus as of November, 2016* 
Peter FritzEmeritus as of November, 2017
Mark GarrisonEmeritus as of December, 2018
Mike SchlesingerEmeritus as of December, 2020

Contact Us

2019 International Coastal Cleanup – Saturday, 21 September, 2019

We will be partnering with Save the Bay for International Coastal Cleanup day on Saturday, 21 September, 2019 from 0830 AM to 1030 AM. Hope to see you at Stillhouse Cove!

EWPA Annual Meeting – October 29, 2018, 630 – 730PM – William Hall Library

Ewpa Annual Mtg Notice, 2018-2

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