Your support helps us to protect and conserve Stillhouse Cove Salt Marsh and Park, our local environmental treasure.

Each year we raise funds to maintain, and improve Stillhouse Cove Salt Marsh and Park to keep it a sustainable, clean, beautiful, and safe waterfront.
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Maintained and improved the Stillhouse Cove Palmeri Rose Garden.

Members of the board and dedicated volunteers worked throughout the growing season to maintain the park, salt march, rotary, and storm water area.

Worked with horticulturist Nick Cokonis to prepare the site in early Spring and educate the board and volunteers on site preparation.

Supported STEM students discovering sea creatures in Stillhouse Cove.

Held two clean-ups that attracted more than 200 volunteers that removed trash from around the cove.

We facilitated installation and landscaping for a sculpture, The End of the Line, made from old trolley track removed from Narragansett Boulevard.

Each year, we need to raise funds to sustain improvements the park and salt marsh. Join us in this neighborhood effort. Help us to keep Stillhouse Cove the clean, beautiful, and safe waterfront park it has become.

Please help to conserve Stillhouse Cove Salt Marsh and Park with your donation today.