The annual Stillhouse Cove Clean-Up is scheduled for Saturday, April 12th, from 10am to noon.

As always, we have to coordinate the cleanp-up with the low tide, but we are doing it a little early this year so that we can get a chance to clean up the site before all the recently planted warm-season grasses start to emerge from the ground.

We are also partnering with Save The Bay on this project, and have a few specific tasks planned:

  • Cut phragmite stalks.
  • Clean the creeks of vegetation to ensure that water flows in and out of the marsh. This is important for controlling the fresh water invasive vegetation like phragmite.
  • Clean the riprap of debris and weeds.
  • Clean both beach areas.
  • Clear Strathmore Place path of weeds.

If it rains, May 10th, 10am to noon, is our alternate date. If the weather looks sketchy, check back here on the morning of April 12th, and we’ll post an announcement if the date has been changed.

Participants are asked to wear sturdy shoes, bring gloves, and be prepared to do a variety of jobs. Bring a shovel if you have one that you don’t mind getting muddy. School groups should pre-register or contact Barbara Rubine at 401-529-6643, or email at

We look forward to everyone’s support.