Dave Lager, Barbara Rubine, and Wenley Ferguson

On May 17, 2023, Barbara Rubine and Donna Fieldman of the EWPA met with Wenley Ferguson of Save the Bay and Dave Lager, Team Leader at SUMco. The agenda was to assess the damage caused by the historic December 23, 2022 storm tide to the Park’s infrastructure.

Flooding during the 12-23-2022 storm.
12-23-2023 storm damage to the coir envelopes & logs at the base of the Park.

The conclusion was that there was extensive damage to the the coir envelopes that were installed in 2013 to repair damage from Superstorm Sandy. EWPA hopes to be able to repair the bottom coir envelopes, which must be built in place, and re-secure them with added premade coir logs and new 4×4 stakes. The repair will be challenging since it needs to be done from the top of the bank as no machinery is allowed at the marsh level. EWPA will be researching possible funding sources.

Wenley Ferguson of Save the Bay pointing to the damage.

For more information on recent repairs to the Park banks: