In 2015, the City of Cranston erected a rotary at the junction of Narragansett Blvd. and Ocean Avenue as a traffic calming measure.  This followed years of incidents involving inebriated late-night speeders slamming into the area’s yards and houses.  Since then, the Edgewood Waterfront Preservation Association (EWPA) has invested a considerable amount of energy and money in maintaining the shrubs and flowers in the rotary garden.

Unfortunately, the site continues to be abused by the same population of out-of-control drivers, resulting in frequent damage to the plantings (and their own vehicles).  Neighbors come out to find a Kia or Nissan perched on the junipers.  In 2020, a particularly creative driver bounced off the rotary and then proceeded to fly down Ocean Avenue through the barrier and into the Bay!  It is not uncommon for large trucks to drive over the garden when they have difficulty negotiating the rotary.

In at least one case, the EWPA is seeking to recover the cost of the damage through a driver’s insurance company.   Should the Rhode Island Liquor Stores Association adopt the spot?